The Power of Positive Thinking

It is a fact that the world we live in is not perfect but then again that phrase alone is relative to your thoughts and how you respond to external stimuli. Regardless of who you are, there will be hurdles, challenges and situations that will arise which will force you to decide which path you should take…that’s where positive thinking comes into play.  How many times have you asked yourself “Why is this happening to me” or some similar phrase?  The answer is simply because you are where you are supposed to be at this moment due to your thoughts and choices.  Every moment is a lesson to learn from or as I say “Every opportunity is an opportunity”.

Thinking positive on a subconscious level begins with changing one’s belief about the particular situation they are undergoing. It may be that your job is not what you want it to be or your car isn’t the model you prefer or your mate needs a little tweaking in certain areas. Whatever it is, there is an underlying belief there that needs to be addressed and changed. When you begin to think more positively, your outlook and the dynamics of your life will change.  This is also known as the Law of Attraction and is very useful in creating the life you desire. We all are creators. By this I mean that any and everything we desire can be attained through our thoughts which will lead to the necessary action that will give us our desired outcome.  We must remember that by thinking more positive, we become receptors of light, positive energy and ultimately success.

Recently, I began meditating with my 4 year old daughter every morning when we awoke before starting our day.  My daughter is very much like her dad; loving, sincere, helpful, compassionate and positive BUT when her buttons are pushed to an extreme limit, her reaction may not be the best. So, along with prayer we meditate and think positive thoughts every morning. The outcome has been nothing short of fascinating. She understands why meditating is important because she sees the results. When she notices herself getting frustrated, she will literally stop what she is doing, take a deep breath and focus on her positive thoughts. The first time I saw this I was amazed because I had not told her to do it, instead she did it herself. I then told a friend who has a very rambunctious 5 year old and she started meditating every morning also and she saw the same results. It is amazing how our positive thoughts influence everything in our scope.

In closing, positive thinking can improve or rid us of disease, stress, confusion and many other more specific things in our lives. For those interested in the process I’ve shown my daughter here it is. Remember, I am not a physician nor do I make any claims or guarantee any results. I am just a positive person, concerned parent and creator of a positive and balanced life.

Step 1: Sit with legs crossed (if you can) facing a window that has lots of light

Step 2: Look at God’s creations (sky, light, trees, birds etc..) and sincerely say “Thank you for my life”

Step 3: Take a deep breath then close your eyes

Step 4: Relax your body and try not to think. Think positive thoughts if you can’t clear your mind.

This exercise only takes 2 minutes each morning until you feel you can increase the time. It is meant to calm the mind and body while nurturing the spirit. Always remember, as much as possible….THINK POSITIVE!!!!!!

-Patrick McRae

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