My Week as a Single Dad

To all of you Single Parents out there…Kudos to you!

I recently spent a week as a single parent.  My wife, Tiffany, was out of town visiting Washington D.C., leaving for the first time since our 7 month old son, Alex was born. The week leading up to her week of being gone I could feel the apprehension building within me. I have never been on my own for an extended period of time to care for our infant son, and this was going to be the first. I remember hoping I don’t have a nervous breakdown; forget to feed someone, anyone in the house, or burning the house down.

To fully understand where I am coming from; my wife is super-wife. She does it all, keeps the house clean/running, takes care of Alex, our two pups, Ginger and Chance, and me. If not for her, I would barely find my way out of the door in the mornings. She can clean the kitchen, do the dishes, cook dinner for us, Alex, and the dogs, all in the time it would take me to just change Alex’s diaper, and she was going to leave me in charge for a week?

I was amazed at how much fun I had spending 5 days with my son, just the two of us. It did come more naturally than I anticipated. Preparing his food, playing with him, keeping him entertained all day long, while making sure the house staid in one piece. As the week progressed, I felt my relationship with my son grow closer and stronger. Playing with him on the couch, watching his little mind work, building those new concepts and cognitive thoughts and abilities and at the end of my week alone with my son, I was grateful of the time we had together. It made me realize how much I love and appreciate the joy he brings us, and the pride I feel as a dad.

I remember sitting at the table feeding Alex while he is throwing toys across the room spitting food in my face (he is teething and likes to vibrate his lips and expel saliva on me like a lawn sprinkler), watching Chance run across the room with one of Alex’s toys he threw across the room because he wants me to play with him. Or Alex making me aware that he was not appreciating being kept waiting for his dinner as I am trying to prepare it, hearing my dinner boil over on the stove, waking up every two hours because he is in pain from teething thinking to myself; “I really miss my wife right now.” With everything I had to juggle, I couldn’t get mad or impatient with him. It seemed every time I would, he would look up at me, smile as if to say “thanks dad, I love you.” How can you be mad at that?

This blog is not just to talk about my triumph in surviving being a single dad for a week, but to give “mad-props” to all of you single parents out there doing it all for your children, because at the end of the day; the insanity, the skipped lunches, and the running around town like a “mad-man,” and keeping a job, paying bills and somewhere in all of that insanity, finding some time for yourself, is all for the love of your children. You don’t realize how much easier it is to have four hands around the house until two of those hands are gone. I salute you single-parents. Your perseverance, love, and hard work are appreciated by me. I have a new found respect for your efficiency and tenacity, and I have a new appreciation for how much Tiffany does for our family.

– Tom Ford

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  1. This post is wonderful! I am a single mom to a nearly-10 month old baby girl. She is my world and I feel my life revolves around her, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Everything I do is truly a labor of love for her. Quiet evenings home alone, just the two of us, reading and playing, eating dinner together and bath time… Love it so, so much!

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