Movember hits Home for this YP

I hate my birthday. This may seem strange coming from a young person, but three years ago on my birthday, I received the hated phone call. It is the “you need to come home because your dad is at the end.” He was fighting a five year battle with Prostate Cancer. Spending my birthday in the hospital, sleeping in a chair, wondering if my dad would survive the night was not the best night or birthday of my life. He fought for a few more days, and in the end, he was lucky when he passed. He didn’t go through the pain that many men go through when they succumb to prostate cancer. It is a painful cancer, but how much do we actually know about it?

November has been renamed Movember. Why? Men grow mustaches for the month of November to bring awareness to male prostate and testicular cancer. Men start the month with a clean shaven face and throughout the month they grow and groom their mustaches. At the end of the month they compete to see who has the best mustache. They also raise money through this growth. This money goes to the promotion of awareness of these cancers and research programs.

Men all over Grand Forks have been raising money for Movember. The UND Men’s Hockey Team was recognized for their efforts at the hockey game over the weekend. Evan Andrist had a competition on his Movember space for the style of mustache he should grow. Other men in GGFYP are also growing their mustaches.

So here it comes… This is the plea for money. I know everyone gets hit up for raising money for different organizations, but this is for cancer. I don’t know many people who have not been affected by cancer, whether it was a friend or family member. Men specific cancers probably don’t get enough recognition, so this is what I recommend: check out There are a lot of articles and other information on the site about men’s cancers. They even have an animated series – the moscars! While you are there, support your mo bros and sistas. GGFYP has a team page. The guys are also posting pictures of how their mustaches are going. There are also celebrities showing their support on the site and fun and games!

YP ‘Stache Bash
At the end of Movember, GGFYP will be hosting a ‘Stache Bash to judge who has the best mo. We are partying the night away at Rhombus Guys on November 30 at 7:30 pm. We have a pizza buffet lined up and local celebrity judges to determine who our Man of Movember is and who has the lamest mo.

We are also incorporating the ugly sweater party into the fun. Those who will be judged need to raise a minimum of $25 for Movember, and instead of bringing a toy for the ugly sweater contest, we are asking you to donate any amount to Movember. Show your support and Mo on!

– Jill Baird

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