Meet Mike Anderson

In 2004, I found my way to Grand Forks from Eveleth, MN, a small town in Northern Minnesota. Eveleth is known for having the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame and the world’s largest hockey stick, so naturally, the day I first stepped foot into Grand Forks, I was sold.

I joined YP because of my continued and growing love for Grand Forks.. I wanted to get to network with some other people who were not only YP’s but shared the love and commitment I have for the Grand Forks community. 

I found my dream girl, Communications degree from UND, and dream job in sales while in Grand Forks. When I joined GFYP, my vision was to not only become associated with young business and community leaders, but to help make it easy for others to stay here and enjoy the great environment and opportunity that Grand Forks has fostered for younger people.

My fiancee Abbey and I enjoy all aspects of Grand Forks living. I love to hunt, fish, and watch UND hockey. Grand Forks provides those things along with the small town connection I grew up with.

– Mike Anderson

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