Viva Grand Forks!

I recently went to Las Vegas! Of course I had a wonderful time seeing the shows, lights, gambling, and of course the oddballs who hang on the strip, but one thing I was very disappointed with was the service.

No, don’t worry this is not going to be a rant about a bad experience I had at some steak restaurant. (Even though I did.) No, this is my opportunity to brag about the wonderful servers and wait staff we have here in Grand Forks.  Almost every time I go out to eat here in Grand Forks I have a wonderful time.  The servers are friendly, professional and most importantly they take their jobs seriously.

Sanders has “Sky,” the man who has been there for years and remembers everything about everyone, and gets younger and better looking each time I see him. ;) Richie who is a genius for drinks. And of course Kim, who you can tell loves his food, business and the Sanders atmosphere so much – he can’t stay away.

Toasted Frog also has some of the hippest and most personable staff. They are there to ensure you have the best overall experience.  Owner Shawn takes pride in his awesome staff and is always running around making sure everyone is taken care of. In addition, Sarah and Paul are delightful to see at the bar while you wine before you dine.  And Casey, Jessie, and Louie use their personalities to engage their customers and definitely have fun at work – great at selling the fantastic specials Scott creates.

I may be a little biased towards Blue Moose since I’ve worked there myself off and on for over six years. But Dave, Pat and Dee do an awesome job at finding new and personable staff.  I just can’t stay away from this place. A handful of my server co-workers have been there just as long as I have (and stayed the entire time.)  I decided to go back a few weeks ago and take on a second/third job.  Not only will I be making a few extra dollars, but I LOVE serving.  I enjoy meeting new people and making a person’s day with their dining experience. If people just wanted to eat – they’d stay at home or get something quick. People go out to eat to have a good time, and they have a chance of having a great time while dining in Grand Forks.

– Lacey Erickson

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