Every Now and Again We Need a Good Blizzard

This is one North Dakotan who does not mind a good blizzard every once in awhile. Through the hustle and bustle of what we call our busy lives, the important things can get lost while we run senselessly picking up and dropping off kids, running errands, going to and from work, trying to plan the next meal, and keeping the house looking somewhat organized. We tend to lose track of what really matters, FAMILY. Where do we find a free moment in our seemingly hectic lives to spend quality time with our family? It’s hard, I admit, to keep up with the little things that are the most important.

Monday brought about an unexpected blizzard which made travel nearly impossible. Any North Dakotan knew enough to just stay put and not risk going out into the storm. My wife and I did just that. We hunkered down and used the opportunity to catch up. We relaxed, watched a few movies and talked, yes, we talked. Monday’s blizzard gave us the chance to slow down and reconnect as a couple.

We discussed our present and our future, as well as dreams that have been realized, dreams yet to come true, and ones that did not come to fruition. We were able to spend quality time with our baby boy and interact with him. We had all day to play with Alex, listening to him laugh and giggle while we made silly faces and spoke in “baby talk.” I was grateful for that time we had. It was an opportunity to let the outside world pass us by and be a family.

We as busy parents, professionals, friends, and volunteers need to take advantage of opportunities such as a good old fashioned North Dakota Blizzard to stop and “smell the roses.” Time with loved ones is precious and it goes by fast. Hunker down with the most precious people in your life as much as you can.

– Tom Ford (President, Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals)

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