Embracing Winter

The Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals are bringing so many great things to showcase Grand Forks. We celebrate our German and Scandinavian heritage with Oktoberfest. We celebrate and showcase our sophisticated appreciation for the arts with Artsee, and at the beginning of each year, we celebrate our community, our sponsors and our members with the Annual Launch. Grand Forks is celebrated for many things; its willingness to invest in each other, help out a neighbor who is in need, and provide unspoiled areas for our outdoor recreation. We celebrate the three seasons of Spring, Summer, and Autumn. What about winter? Winter in Grand Forks can be the most beautiful season of the four seasons. While attending university, I heard from many students hailing from California and Hawaii, “how can you live here?! It’s so cold here!” Many would go home for winter break never to return. Is winter really that bad? I love waking up in the morning on a brisk January day, smelling the clean, crisp air and seeing the white trees reflecting off the unspoiled sunshine. We should be celebrating winter and all the beauty it provides.

The Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals do just this. We just wrapped up our 3rd annual Iceman Extreme Triathlon in February. Over 100 racers came from as far as Winnipeg, MB to participate in the YP Iceman Triathlon. Many of you ask:  why would anyone want to run, bike, and ski in sub-freezing temps? Why on earth would 15 volunteers want to stand out  in the cold for 4 hours and watch 100 crazy athletes over exert themselves in February? – We live in ND. It’s winter 9 months out of the year. We can hold up in our homes for nine months, or we can embrace the 4 seasons ND offers us. YP holds true to its commitment of showcasing everything Grand Forks has to offer, and that includes winter activities.

I say get out and embrace Grand Forks in the winter months. Enjoy that crisp, clean air. Get out and snap some pictures of the beautiful white tress, sun glistening off of the branches. Enjoy life all year long.
– Tom Ford (President, Grand Forks Young Professionals)

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