Meet Casey Koop!

Hi There! My name is Casey Koop and I am one of many YP’s in Grand Forks. Being a past native of Grand Forks, I came home thinking life would just pick up where it left off. When I moved back to town to work as an Admissions Representative for UND, I received a quick reality check. Grand Forks had changed! Businesses were sprouting up everywhere, the community was expanding, and the flow of life was different.

Grand Forks is a growing community full of great people and amazing opportunities. Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals is a way for younger generation adults to get involved in their community. I have had so much fun helping others, going to social events, and meeting people who love Grand Forks as much as I do. I have helped with the Iceman Triathlon, I play on a number of the YP sports teams during the summer, and I sometimes have to dress up in crazy sweaters to make others laugh!

The great things about Grand Forks are the people! We make this community a strong, safe, and pleasant place to live. I know firsthand that we never stop learning and that our knowledge isn’t always learned from books. We learn and grow through each other!! And together we create our own paradise! “You know, with some snow I mean!” Haha

– Casey Koop

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