Meet Tim Bernhardt!

My name is Tim Bernhardt and I am a Grand Forks original. My parents are from Bemidji, MN and Chicago IL and met at UND. From what I have heard, my dad graduated but spent the majority of his time either playing basketball or shooting pool downstairs at the union.

I also graduated from UND with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship and shortly after moved to Denver, CO for 2 years. While Denver was a great experience, I opted for family over scenery and boomeranged back to Grand Forks.

I have now been working for Prudential Crary Real Estate in Grand Forks for the better part of four years. Buying or  selling a  home can be a stressful experience so it’s rewarding reducing peoples stress levels and helping them reach their goals. The market in GF is a unique one, so I feel lucky to work with great people and have a job I enjoy.

Besides work, I find myself doing a number of different things with my time. Hunting and fishing are high priorities for me. It’s great spending time outdoors in ND. The Devils Lake area is my stomping grounds for most of those activities.

I also enjoy working on my home and remodeling when I can make the time for it. Trial and error, YouTube, and friends help me with my projects. Being active is important to me so I try to workout at the New Wellness center when I can or play basketball and golf when time allows for it.

I have great family and friends and love the Midwest character that we epitomize. Grand Forks is great because you don’t need to be afraid to make eye contact with strangers and you can get anywhere within ten minutes.

– Tim Bernhardt

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