Free Time

Free time is that wondrous part of your day or night that is filled with solitude, contemplation, excitement, anger, boredom, fascination, indecision, confusion, bliss or any other feeling, thought or emotion that is attached to your psyche during this “free time.” What do we do with this valued moment?  Where do we allow our minds to wander?  What thoughts and choices are conjured during the brilliance of this momentous occasion?

Not too long ago I was sitting at the park during a scheduled moment of reading and conversation with a friend. After an impassioned dialogue of intellectual exchange, there was a moment of silence; deafening almost to be exact. In this moment it was promptly made aware that we had “free time.”  The question arose, what should be done during this time?  Well, we had a vast array of choices stemming from a quiet reflective walk, to a titillating game of Frisbee golf (to which I have become quite good at if I may unnecessarily toot my own horn), playing on the children’s illustrious playground or dusting off the bicycles and going for a sunny day ride along the greenway. Well, none of those choices were made.  Looking back, it took no longer than 30 seconds to come up with the grand idea to just lie back and marvel at the sky, close our eyes and hear noises which each of us have neglected to recognize as beautiful nature induced symphonies.

In your “free time” ensure that you get back to the basics of it all. Sit in silence and just listen instead of trying to be heard. Consume the abundance which is spread out in front of each of us and really consider how it all is of oneness and what your role is in order for it to continue to freely flow. Yes, there are fairs, bars, television shows, sporting events and other venues which should definitely be enjoyed but make sure that you take a little “free time” just for yourself or with a friend(s) to commune in whole with nature and its amenities. When we are grounded to our blessed earth, it nurtures our spirits and causes us to automatically begin to align with our natural positive energy. Ask yourself, when is the last time you have even walked through the grass barefoot?  Do you have any idea the positively energetic effect it has on you?  As my daughter states, “Try it and you might like it!!!!”

– Patrick McRae