Seize the Day

At times, we look at ourselves and wonder, “Where did the time go”?  In the midst of that epiphany, what happens to us?  It takes literally seconds for our neurotransmitters to fire up and give us our answer or possibly the lack of one.  So often we are caught up in life’s daily life cycle of kids, bills, work, homework, errands, emotional turmoil or other external sources that causes us to lose focus on self.

When do we get a chance to “relive or regain” our youth?  Do we acknowledge it on a daily basis?  How about as a weekly reminder?  Well for the vast majority, it could be years before we focus on ourselves long enough to selfishly satisfy our own desires to obtain the success we feel we deserve.  Maybe you’re waiting for the kids to finish school or maybe it’ll happen once enough money is saved.  Either way, it is imperative that the life we feel we should be living isn’t squandered or left flowing through the breeze of life’s cool winds.

On a day or night when life’s challenges are minimal or non-existent (that might be rare), sit down and focus on yourself and your dreams and goals.  On a clear sheet of paper, take a blue pen (blue is tranquil) and write out a long term plan to obtain the goal(s) you feel you’re either missing, deserve or truly desire.  Within this long term goal setting activity, write down several benchmarks.  For example, if you want to buy a new car, it may be in your 3-4 year plan.  Write down how much every month you are going to (notice I didn’t say TRY) put to the side along with any other factors that may influence your goal.

After you live this once in a lifetime glorious moment (life), you do not want to have any regrets that will haunt you and cause a disturbance in the positive energy you should be feeling had you planned, enjoyed and accomplished goals when there was time.  Do not ready the finger of blame unless you plan on solely pointing it at yourself.  Do not judge yourself for not being where you think you ought to be.  Look at yourself and know that with one thought, you’re life can begin to change.  All it takes is one thought followed by a committed action and everything will change.

Wake up and be thankful for all you have in your life and consider yourself lucky to still be able to make choices.  In closing, all you are is what you are but if you’re not happy with all you have then change it.  Remember, if you do what you’ve always done you’ll be who you always are….Now start living!!!

– Patrick McRae