Meet Shana Wiley!

I initially moved to Grand Forks from Indiana in 2004. My life and career trajectory has not been exactly linear, thank goodness. I’ve served in the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps, traveled much, and found my “calling” as a registered nurse while in my 30’s. After my first few years in Grand Forks, I decided to follow pursuits elsewhere thinking I’d find a city somewhere along the way that I liked just as much. I didn’t. I returned here in January 2011.

I joined GGFYP to connect with a new crowd, but soon learned that GGFYP was whatever I chose to make it. Compared with other regional young professional groups, GGFYP offers much more in the way of social, professional, and community involvement opportunities. I found my niche in community involvement.

As the Community Involvement Chairperson of GGFYP, I have learned of valuable community involvement opportunities, connected YPs to those opportunities, helped other local nonprofits meet their goals, and met community leaders and stakeholders invested, like me, in community development.

“To whom much is given much is required.” Not so much a mantra as a call to action, I choose to live this phrase through my career as a nurse and service to my community. GGFYP has helped me do just that.

My name is Shana Wiley and I am a YP.