Meet the Fischers!

My parents (Ron and Maria) live in Grand Forks. I have 4 children (Luke – 6, Eli – 4, Asher – 3, and Mattie – 1), and I’m married to my brilliant wife Abbie.

I work at S & S Promotional Group.

My family and I really enjoy living in Grand Forks. I love the people. I love the 4 seasons. I love the work opportunities. I love living in the same city and state as most of my family.

I really enjoyed growing up in Grand Forks and I want my kids to have that same opportunity.

I have been a lot of places in our country and I feel that we have something special in Grand Forks. It is a place where you can pray, work, and play. We are a small town with a big town feel. Once someone gets a taste of Grand Forks I think they want more!

My name is Matt Fischer and I am a YP.